in which Sokka never changes.


how did you buy all of these?? why is he on a ship? how did you even afford the big one?? did you buy the ship too?? why do you have a ship full of sasukes?? you are literally shipping sasuke x sasuke x sasuke x sasuke x like 10 ???? im so emotional right now??


im nothing without new LOK episodes


Can you seriously imagine what is going on his head right now? Here is the girl he loves with all his heart, who was born with a huge and dangerous burden on her shoulders, lying lifeless on the ground. Can you imagine his heart shattering apart at the thought of running to her, and finding her unable to wake up, anymore? Because honestly, I don’t think he can imagine his life, without her in it.


R.I.P. MSN, the only messenger that allowed me to send a giant unavoidable popup of a pig shaking his ass to funky techno music to my conversational partner if they were ignoring me


Road to desert 


I think what hurts me the most was Wan died thinking he didn’t do enough to save the world


kiss kiss kiss


When looking at the list of illegal anime and manga sites being demanded to shut down did anyone realize most of the yaoi ones weren’t listed LMAO

Naruto the Movie: The Last


Naruto the Movie: The Last

Starring: Naruto’s Ass